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Installation of self-supporting API lines, shaft Lerche, Germany

The project consisted of the preliminary works, the supply and the installation of nine API lines with different diameters. Each line had an installed length of 1,350 m. The self-supporting lines were installed on a main bearing arrangement 100 m below the shaft collar level. Before the actual assembly work started, the main bearing arrangement and a series of pipe support points were constructed.

The threads of the API lines were cleaned before being assembled. An elevator was then installed on the pipe which was connected to the crane. The crane laid the pipe down to the already assembled pipe. The screwing of the pipe connections was computer monitored.

The crane subsequently lifted the complete pipeline and the already assembled pipeline was suspended in the shaft, extended with the new pipe.

The bearing coupling was screwed on some 100 m before the total installation length was reached. The pipeline with the bearing coupling was then seated on the main bearing arrangement with manipulator pipes.

Threaded flanges were screwed onto the top and the bottom ends of the pipeline, enabling the API lines to be further extended as flanged pipelines.


Data sheet Schacht Lerche