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Our company, Redpath, has a longstanding commitment to the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into our organization. This commitment is a fundamental part of all our dealings with clients, business partners, subcontractors, suppliers, employees and the communities in which we live and do business.

Aligning our operations and controls with our values, philosophies and guiding principles, and with the evolving needs and perceptions of society, is a continuous process in our company.

For six decades, our organization has been growing on the strength of our people, their commitment to high quality work and our belief in the important role we play both in the mining industry and for the communities we are a part of. It is our desire to serve our clients well, establish relationships that withstand the test of time and be a source of pride for our people now and well into the future.

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Our Sustainability and ESG commitments are structured around our company’s values and four key areas relevant to our business – care for our people, safety, the natural environment and the social environment.

Values & Governance

Our Philosophy

The Redpath Group Philosophy makes a commitment to: Provide a level of service to the mining industry which will exceed normally accepted standards; Create a desire in the industry for our continuing services; Provide scope and challenge for our employees; Control growth in order to maintain a high calibre of service to the industry. This philosophy has served Redpath well since 1962, and it will continue to support our belief that, at Redpath, CHALLENGE IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF LIFE.

Our guiding principles

Since 1962, Redpath has maintained these four commitments:

Foremost amongst the “Guiding Principles” established for our employees is this simple principle: “We are honest, fair and responsible.” This approach, coupled with the equally important declaration: “We work by our principles of safety first, last and always” establishes the firm foundation which we, the modern Redpath, continue to build our organization on. It defines how we deal with our clients, employees, business partners and other stakeholders in the projects we undertake and in the countries in which we work.

This approach enables us to:

Redpath's people

At Redpath, we are all about the people working for us. Our people are our primary resource and without their talent, skills and “we like a challenge” attitude, we would not survive as an organization. In recognition of this fundamental fact, we have implemented processes, methods, strategies and codes of conduct aimed at attracting, training and retaining competent and skilled personnel of all descriptions.

Therefore, it is incumbent on us to:

Redpath and safety

We continually strive to achieve the highest standards in health and safety – zero harm. Through the development of a safety culture, built on a common understanding of safety principles and a commitment by all employees, we will meet our goal of “Safety First, Last and Always”.

This means that we:

Redpath and the natural environment

Redpath is committed to managing all of our operations in a manner consistent with the principles of minimizing impact on our natural environment, doing so in partnership with our clients.

We accomplish this by:

Redpath and the social environment

Our business interest and projects extend to locations around the world. We passionately believe that community engagement, and being a part of those communities, is a fundamental part of what we do. We take an active role in supporting local social programs related to health & wellness, education, children’s sports, and community development through donations, fundraising and employee participation.

Key aspects of this include:

"We are honest, fair and responsible" “We remember that our goal is to serve our clients well” “Safety – First, Last & Always” “We ask if we don’t know the answer” “We act in the long term interests of our company and our clients”
Values & Governance Redpath’s People Safety Natural Environment Social Environment
Sustainable business practices. Respectful of human rights and diversity. Rigorously apply the Redpath Safety Program. Manage operations to minimize impact. Be contributing citizens wherever we work.
Act in the long-term interest of our stakeholders. Elimination of harassment and discrimination. Adhere to client health and safety programs and incorporate best practices. Adhere to client requirements, policies and procedures. Work with our clients to implement inclusive approaches with local people and communities.
Effective risk management strategies. Respect for freedom of association. Continuous improvement model for quality assurance. Incorporate environmental control measures into project risk assessments. Respect the cultures, customs and values of indigenous people and communities.
Preventing conflict of interest, bribery and corruption. Understanding the importance of mental health. Effectively manage risk through use of programs, protocols and auditing. Prevent contamination, manage waste and mitigate impact on health. Hire, train and develop local people where practical and possible.
Innovation and continuous improvement. Be involved in our communities. Provide training and equipment to work safely and effectively. Be responsible in design, use, re-cycling and disposal of materials. Use local suppliers of goods, services and equipment to provide local benefits.
Positively influence those with whom we work. Adhering to the Redpath Code of Conduct. Maintain the focus on the goal of zero harm. Energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint. Support local, social and economic well-being when possible.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are about “doing the right thing”.

This may seem simple and obvious. Yet, putting the principle into action requires a conscious decision in every situation and interaction. At Redpath, “Our Philosophy” and “Guidelines for Success” demonstrate a longstanding commitment to “doing the right thing”. These values have been part of our organization since the start in 1962.