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We design, sink and rehabilitate shafts.

Any mineral. Any geology. Anywhere.


Design & Engineering

The meticulous planning and highly innovative designs of our engineering department play a significant role in our ability to deliver high-quality service.

Our engineers are responsible for integrating the results from the concept and planning phase, into the design. Using their vast operational experience and technological know-how, they build plans which help our project managers to deliver projects with precision, durability, on time and within budget.

Project Design

We plan, develop and deliver all documentation required for obtaining the approval for shaft construction or building shaft infrastructure from the relevant authority for shaft constructions.

The documentation is prepared according to the latest national and international regulations, standards and guidelines.

The documentation can include:

Detailed Design

Based on the results of the pre- and concept planning phase as well as the approved design, we plan, prepare and deliver documentation for construction.

The construction documentation includes graphical representation of the project with all the necessary details for execution, including workshop drawings, parts lists, inspection and test plans, schedules, etc.

The construction drawings are developed in accordance with national and international standards and are thoroughly reviewed by our engineers.