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We design, sink and rehabilitate shafts.

Any mineral. Any geology. Anywhere.


Throughout their working life, mine shafts are exposed to strains and stresses of many kinds. They also have to remain in service over many years - and some are more than a hundred years old. We are an experienced project partner for all renovation and repair work such as:

Shaft Infrastructure and Pipe Works

We plan, supply, install or rehabilitate shaft equipment, such as:

Shaft Hoisting Systems

We plan, supply, install or rehabilitate shaft hoisting equipment such as:

Backfilling of Shafts

We have extensive experience in the backfilling of shafts.

The mine shaft forms the connection between the surface and the underground workings. Watertight and gastight systems therefore have to be put in place in order to seal off this connection. This creates a permanent barrier to protect the surface area as well as the underground workings.

Ground Freezing in Civil and Tunnel Construction

Ground freezing is frequently used in civil engineering and tunneling, for ground stabilization in water-bearing strata.
This technique is now frequently employed for the construction of cross-cuts between adjacent tunnels and access openings for tunnel boring machines in launch pits.
Redpath Deilmann Shaft Sinking has helped pioneer a number of technical developments, including mobile container-installed freezing plant and directional drilling technology for freeze-hole drilling.
We have numerous references involving the application of ground freezing technology in tunneling projects.