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We design, sink and rehabilitate shafts.

Any mineral. Any geology. Anywhere.



During construction, we manage the balance between minimizing project time and assuring uninterrupted operations in the future.

The way we achieve this is through the

Our stringent quality control helps to reduce the risk of down-time during the lifetime of the shaft.

Drill and Blast Shaft Sinking

We build all kinds of vertical, inclined or horizontal mine openings using the conventional drill and blast technique. In the Drill & Blast method we:

Shaftsinking with Ground Freezing

Redpath Deilmann is one of the leading firms in ground freezing.

Ground freezing is used when we face water-bearing ground conditions and/or weak rock, for example quick sand.

Shaftsinking with Grouting

Grouting is another ground stabilizing or geotechnical reinforcement technique used when faced with water-bearing but stable ground.


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